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Start a racing kart ・ Enter a race

Required items

Items required for the race!

Start a racing kart ・ Let's see what you need to race!

Please refer to the photo on the right for the items to prepare!
Super Chips Racing Service

Complete cart


Mix tank


Air gauge






Cart stand


Racing gloves & shoes


Gas carrying can


Neck support


Racing suit


Oil & Chemical



Rib protector

An example of running cost (6 races a year)




Course running fee

¥ 6,000 x 12 times

From ¥ 72,000





1 time

¥ 50,000 ~


1 set (4) x 6 races

From ¥ 150,000



From ¥ 30,000


2 sheets

¥ 8,000 ~



¥ 12,000 ~

Race entry fee

6 races

From ¥ 72,000

Circuit service

12 times

¥ 180,000



From ¥ 104,000

Brake overhaul

1 time

¥ 10,000 ~

Garage storage fee

¥ 5,000 × 12 months

¥ 60,000


¥ 748,000

Cost per month

Approximately ¥ 63,000



Complete cart

From ¥ 400,000


¥ 36,000 ~

Racing suit

From ¥ 16,800

Racing gloves

¥ 2,500 ~

Racing shoes

¥ 8,000 ~

Cart stand

¥ 15,000 ~

Air gauge

¥ 6,000 ~


¥ 483,500

To race (license)

There are two types of kart race licenses, the "JAF license" and the "SL license" issued by JAF (Japan Automobile Federation).

The reason why these licenses are required is that many circuits are qualified to have either a JAF license (license validity period of 1 year) or SL license (license validity period of 3 years).

Of course, one of the licenses is required to participate in the race.

Those who joined our team and attended the racing kart school are recommended

You can get more.

Let's take

Obtained a license

To obtain a license, take lectures and practical skills.

In the course designated by JAF * Students will learn classroom lectures and practical skills (it will take one day).

The dates are fixed depending on the course, so please look for a course near you.

* Those who have attended the Super Chips Racing School are exempt from lectures and practical skills.

* License recommendation fee will be charged.

The JAF license is for those who aim to step up in the future (essential for domestic races, SL license is also possible depending on the race), while the SL license is for those who ride karts as a hobby, national circuit license, SL race can also participate.

To participate in the race, juniors under the age of 10 cannot obtain a license, so a parental license is required. As a general rule, parents under the age of 18 also need a license.

Training session

Training session

Kart Junior Domestic B: Must be 10 to 14 years old.

★ If you are under 15 years old, please show or submit a copy of the original documents (health insurance card, resident's card, etc.) issued by a public institution that can prove your age (date of birth). Please note that if you do not show the documents, we will not be able to issue them.

Cart Domestic B: Must be at least 15 years old. Persons over the age of 18 must be JAF individual members. In addition, those under the age of 18 including applicants for Junior Domestic B will become "JAF Junior Sports Members (registration fee etc. are free)" at the same time as applying for the license.

We will step up to domestic A and international B depending on the results such as entering the race and winning a prize.

JAF license

JAF License

(1) Refer to the cart license training schedule of JAF Motor Sports magazine or JAF homepage, or contact the nearest JAF regional headquarters to find the desired cart driver license training, and contact the organizer to attend. .. Check with the organizer in advance what you need to bring and what you need to pay.

(2) If you are 10 to 11 years old, please take the course with a parent or guardian according to the regulations.

(3) The first half of the curriculum of the course will explain the rules, practice cart driving including rules and manners, and explain the flag signals.

A written test will be held after the lecture, but if you listen to the lecturer's explanations, you will be able to answer without any problems. In addition, practical driving will be carried out in the second half. Learn to drive according to flags and manners.

The cart driver license class usually uses the cart on the circuit, so you don't need to have a cart. Helmets are basically available on the circuit, but if you have your own, it's a good idea to bring something that suits you.

All you need is long sleeves, long pants, athletic shoes and gloves. In any case, just in case, contact the organizer of the workshop to confirm.

Take a cart driver license class

Kart Driver License

Prepare the following documents and application fee and bring them to the JAF Regional Headquarters / Branch within 30 days after attending the seminar.

(1) One JAF-specified "Kart License Issuance Application Form (stamped with a certificate of attendance at the seminar)" with all necessary information filled in

(2) Place one photo (with no hat and no background on the upper body) measuring 4 cm in length and 3 cm in width in the designated position on the application form.

(3) Membership card for JAF members who are 18 years of age or older (annual membership fee is valid until the end of the year)

(4) Permit fee: Domestic B: 3,000 yen (tax included), Junior Domestic B: 1,500 yen (tax included)

(5) Those who are 18 years of age or older and who are not JAF members are required to pay an admission fee (2,000 yen) and an annual membership fee (4,000 yen) for a total of 6,000 yen.

(6) In the case of mailing, a temporary license shipping fee (80 yen if you wish to use regular mail) is required. Those who attended the racing school at this shop are exempt from the training and can obtain a license by recommendation.

If you apply by recommendation, you can get a license with a recommendation fee + permit fee + (admission fee + annual membership fee total ¥ 6,000 for non-JAF members) + administrative fee ¥ 1,050.

License issuance application procedure

License procedure

・ 10 years old or older in the relevant year (Those under 18 years old need a written consent from a parent or guardian)

・ Visual acuity (0.6 or more with binocular correction)

・ Valve color power (not red-green blind or bluish-yellow blind)

・ Hearing (being able to discriminate spoken words at a distance of 5 m or more)

・ If you do not meet other general physical examination standards, you may be able to obtain it conditionally.

SL license

Acquire SL License

Participation fee

Fee 12,600 yen (tax included) Admission fee, annual membership fee for 3 years, classroom lecture, practical skill tuition fee, textbook fee, member's book fee, card issuance fee are included. (Elementary school students aged 10 to 12 will be required to take the Cadet class. The fee is 10,500 yen (tax included). However, parents or guardians must accompany them.)

Classroom lecture

Practical skill (actual running)

1. Writing utensils

1. Clothes that can be used in carts (long sleeves, long pants)

2. 2 photos (30 mm wide x 35 mm long)

2. Helmet

3. Consent form (for minors)

3. Gloves

4. Seal

4. Shoes

Please contact us as SL licenses are held in certified courses.

SL member's card

Published by SL Kartsports Organization (SLO), which presides over SL Kart Meetings.

JAF license

Published by the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF), which controls Japanese kart racing and four-wheel motor sports.

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