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You can experience a full-scale kart race

Cart school where you can learn from 1


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Kids / Junior Cart School

We are developing experience schools and beginner schools for kids and juniors, as well as full-scale racing classes!

Xenia Ladies Cart School

A cart school for Xenia and ladies is also underway! You can enjoy it even if you are inexperienced or want to make it a hobby.

Hideaki Udagawa, Representative of Super Chips

Experienced motorcycle racing and racing mechanic from the age of 15, turned to a racing kart at the age of 22, and after winning the 1991 All Japan Champion, played an active part in formula racing. After retiring, he took over Super Chips, who has been an instructor since he was active, and is focusing on teaching and racing services for posterity. In particular, he has a good reputation for training juniors, and he coaches and produces athletes from all over the country.


You can see the racing activities and records of the kids and junior teams.

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Racing kart

Start kart / race

Click here if you have no experience with carts. From how to start the kart to where you will participate in the race, we will fully back up with Super Chips.

Super Chips

Racing Service


Cart school

Information for each class

Information on Kids Kart School and Xenia Ladies Class. Super Chips offers various programs.

Super Chips

Racing Service



Super Chips Calendar

View race events, schedule calendars and annual race calendars taking place at Super Chips.

Super Chips

Racing Service


Corporate information

Company Profile

Company profile of Super Chips. For racing schools, please contact us. We support a wide range of children, seniors, and ladies.

Super Chips

Racing Service



Maintenance parts production

Engine O / H, boring, honing.

Auto parts one-off processing.

Machining center, NC lathe processing.

Super Chips

Racing Service


Contact Us

Super Chips

Click here for inquiries to Super Chips. Please feel free to contact us for trial lessons, questions and consultations regarding carts.

Super Chips

Racing Service

Super Chips Facebook

Full of the latest information on Super Chips! Let's like it first! Click here for our Facebook page!

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